The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback situation is more than just good, per Pro Football Focus

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The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback situation is more than just good, per Pro Football Focus

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Throughout the offseason, if you ran into a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and asked them what they thought of the team's quarterback depth chart the response would most likely look something like this:"Ben Roethlisberger is the best, but after that? They are horrible." The players who they would be labeling as "horrible" would be none other than Landry Jones and Bruce Gradkowski Those two players rounding out the team's depth chart doesn't exactly scream confidence to those who have grown to expect an injury to Roethlisberger at some point in the season.Nonetheless, whenPro Football Focus ranked all 32 NFL teams' from the quarterback position, they ranked the Steelers at No. 3.See what PFF had to say about their ranking:3. Pittsburgh SteelersStarter: Ben RoethlisbergerBackup: Landry JonesKey stat: Roethlisberger led the NFL in deep accuracy last season, with 50.7 percent of his deep passes catchable.Ben Roethlisberger is another quarterback playing the best football of his career Lynn Swann Jersey, despite beginning to get up there in years. He is now 34 years old, but completed 68.0 percent of his passes in 2015 and formed a nearly-unstoppable combination with WR Antonio Brown. Roethlisberger has developed into a quarterback capable of making all types of throws, but may not be quite as durable and capable of taking the hits he invites by extending plays as he was during his younger years Robert Golden Jersey. If he gets forced to miss time, the Steelers are not in nearly as good shape, with Landry Jones proven to be a major drop-off, and about the only thing that can slow down Brown's dominance.PFF obviously thinks Landry Jones will win the team's No. 2 quarterback gig by the time the season rolls around, and most fans will be lighting candles every Sunday, Thursday and Monday to do their part in keeping Ben Roethlisberger healthy. However, this speaks more to Roethlisberger than it does regarding the team's depth. Jones and Gradkowski are pretty much dire straits if Rothelisberger goes down, and PFF still ranks the Steelers 3rd. Roethlisberger has continued to evolve as a signal caller every season and looks to continue to take the next step in his maturation as he tries to lead the team to their 7th Lombardi trophy.So, if the Steelers are 3rd, who is in the Top 10? Here is PFF's top quarterback situations in the NFL:1. Green Bay Packers2. New England Patriots3. Pittsburgh Steelers4. Carolina Panthers5. Seattle Seahawks6. Arizona Cardinals7. New Orleans Saints8. Atlanta Falcons9. Indianapolis Colts10. Cincinnati BengalsSay what you want about the Steelers' quarterbacks, but they are getting plenty of respect from Pro Football Focus -- take that with a grain of salt.

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